Curiously specific French verb of the day: Ouiller


Ouiller: To add the same kind of Wine to a barrel to compensate for what has evaporated

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…life is what happens under our noses, while we are wasting our time to win…


…it is forbidden to trample dreams…


FR- Le jour ou la journée ? A guide to use the right word

So I made this thing because I’ve seen to many mistakes between these 2 kinds of vocab. And that’s understandable because English and so many languages don’t make any distinction there!

Also, my English translations of my French examples are not meant to be 100% correct English, but sometimes more like literal translations in order to get the idea. So yeah don’t send me a fuckton of corrections unless you spotted an actual mistake (also it’s been proofread by an actual native English speaker).

The examples in italics are interchangeable synonyms with their respective counterparts, except that le nouvel an is a lot more used than la nouvelle année in my opinion (maybe there are regional differences idk).

If you have any questions or suggestions, just ask me :)

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FR- La main - Hand
l’auriculaire comes from the Latin root for “ear” because it fits in the outer ear, l’annulaire comes from the Latin root for “ring” (l’anneau = ring), and le majeur is the biggest finger so yeah

Il y a des jours, des mois, des années interminables où il ne se passe presque rien. Et il y a des minutes et des secondes qui contiennent tout un monde.

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Free French Things I Have Found:


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ruisseler (v) - to flow, run, drip 
luire (v) - to shine, gleam, glow 
étinceler (v) - to sparkle, shine, gleam 
rougeoyer (v) - to glow 
éblouir (v) - to dazzle, impress 
scintiller (v) - to sparkle, twinkle, shine 
éclore (v) - to bloom 
tourbillonner (v) - to whirl, swirl 
fredonner (v) - to hum 
 éparpiller (v) - to scatter, strew 
 éclairer (v) - to illuminate, shine 
 onduler (v) - to ripple

Anonyme asked: C'est quoi ton opinion sur le Québec?

Franchement, j’ai pas vraiment d’opinion! J’y suis jamais allée mais je trouve cool qu’on parle anglais et français là. C’est quoi ton opinion?

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horizontescuriosos asked: Do you speak fluent French, like you can speak with no errors if you check everything over?

No, definitely not! Whilst I can hold a conversation about most things, it can take a few um’s and ah’s before I get my words out, and of course I make mistakes. My French noticeably improves when I’m in country and am speaking it daily. I probably make the most mistakes and speak lowest at day 1 on a trip to France and the least and fastest pace on the last day, if that makes sense. But fluency is a level that is extremely hard to attain!

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Les organismes génétiquement modifiés: Pour ou contre?

Some great arguments for and against the use of genetically modified products.

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FR- FALSE FRIEND of the day



  • grave, adj. : serious, important - solemn - bass, deep [frequency]
  • - grave [informal] : much, a lot


  • grave, n.: la tombe
  • graveyard, n.: le cimetière

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FR- drôle vs funny


You know how in English the word “funny" means "amusing" and "weird", which are two different meanings?

Well you can do that in French too with the word “drôle”:

  • Il y a une drôle d’odeur - It smells funny/odd
  • Je me sens tout drôle - I feel weird
  • Elle est très drôle - She’s really funny
  • Cette blague est trop drôle - This joke is hilarious

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Anonyme asked: any recommendation for learning languages tumblrs?





These are only the first couple that I could think of, I did a quick look down my dash too to jog my memory. I follow so many brilliant language blogs that it’s not possible to chose just a few! Ask me again in a couple of days and I’d probably give you an entirely different list of equally great blogs :) sorry if I missed you!


Hi there!

So flattered to see my URL on this list!

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